Where's Dottie?


They are available for serenades and events going up and down the East Coast!

After 17,000 miles of serenading around the country they are back in their hometown and available for serenades in:
  • ♫ Philly
  • ♫ New Jersey
  • ♫ New York City
  • ♫ Baltimore
  • ♫ Washington D.C.
  • ♫ and anywhere between!
They are beyond excited to be making a home in Philly again, surrounded by their beloved communities, familiar places, and familiar faces. Gosh darn, they love this city. ;)
They are looking to sell their beloved truck unless somebody wants to pay the truck bills. Also its hard to park that thing in West Philly.
There’s a possibility they may move to LA in the winter. Reach out if you wanna give them work! Or check out their social media and other sites below!
  • Updated: 2021-10-03 2:42p